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Who is Ever Joy Media?

Welcome to the heart of Ever Joy Media, where innovation and personalization converge in the world of digital marketing. Led by a seasoned expert with a passion for empowering women entrepreneurs, I'm here to create strategies as unique as you are. My  mission is to give you back valuable time for what matters most—family, self-care, and managing the core aspects of your business. Dive into our site to see how we're different, learn about our core values, and explore the customized services we offer to amplify your digital presence and make your brand truly stand out.

The Expert behind it all

I'm Cynthia Cosgrove, a seasoned marketing expert with over 15 years of experience, a dedicated mom, a brain aneurysm survivor, and a former beauty queen, carrying forward a legacy of entrepreneurship that runs in my family. Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina—the land of Lionel Messi—before leaving with my family at the age of five. This early journey not only shaped my global perspective but also gifted me with bilingual fluency in Spanish and English, enriching my communication skills and cultural understanding.

My journey in the digital marketing realm began in its early days, with a curious task to promote our business on what was then known as "The Facebook." This initial step led me through a diverse career path, from small businesses to global enterprises, where I currently apply my digital marketing expertise. My professional narrative has been enriched by roles across various sectors—software, clinical trial patient recruitment, jewelry wholesale, B2B hospitality, and a leading position in a global investment firm. In these roles, I've launched forward-thinking digital programs, amplified website traffic via SEO mastery, and heightened social media engagement with innovative campaigns and strategic insights. My contributions extend to branding, email marketing campaigns, and graphic design on an international scale.

Being a mom and a survivor has infused resilience and adaptability into my work, allowing me to stay attuned to the latest digital trends and strategies with a unique perspective. My multifaceted life experiences, combined with a robust professional background and my bilingual abilities, empower me to navigate the ever-evolving digital landscape with grace and expertise.

My Vision

Imagine a future where the voice of every woman entrepreneur is not just heard but resonates far and wide through innovative digital marketing. At Ever Joy Media, this vision drives me. I'm here to infuse your digital presence with creativity, making your brand not just visible but influential. My goal is for you, my client, to lead your industry, shattering norms and achieving exceptional growth with our distinct and dynamic digital storytelling. This vision complements my personalized approach, designed to elevate your brand while giving you the freedom to focus on what truly matters: family, self, and your business's heart.

My Vision

My purpose at Ever Joy Media is to empower women entrepreneurs by transforming their digital presence into an impactful and engaging platform, truly reflective of their unique brand identity. Leveraging the power of social media for meaningful growth and connections, I offer innovative, client-focused digital marketing strategies. This approach is tailored to amplify your brand's visibility while optimizing your time, allowing you to focus on what truly matters: family, self-care, and the core operations of your business. Together, we'll navigate the digital landscape with confidence, turning your business aspirations into a vibrant reality.

My Purpose

My mission at Ever Joy Media is to transform how women-led businesses leverage social media, blending over 15 years of marketing expertise with a flair for creativity to deliver innovative, client-focused digital marketing strategies. My goal is to foster strong, genuine online communities around your brand, boosting visibility and engagement. By working closely with you, I aim to craft digital narratives that not only drive business growth but also resonate deeply, inspiring action and making a lasting impression. This mission is rooted in the belief that your digital marketing efforts should not only elevate your brand but also afford you the time to prioritize what's truly important: family, self-care, and the day-to-day operations of your business.

My Mission

My promise to you, my client, is to work closely with you dedicating myself to develop a digital marketing strategy as distinctive as you and your venture. With a focus on innovation and a client-centric approach, I'm here to ensure that your unique essence and brand values are the heartbeat of our collaborative creations. Rest assured, there are no cookie-cutter solutions in our playbook. Whether you're camera-shy, prefer to steer clear of clichés, or wish to bypass fleeting trends, I respect that. My commitment is to foster a sense of ease and confidence in your brand's portrayal, crafting strategies that not only resonate with your personal and business ethos but also grant you the freedom to focus on what's truly significant: your family, self-care, and the operational facets of your enterprise. Together, let's unlock your brand's potential, ensuring that every step we take is in perfect harmony with your aspirations and lifestyle.

My Promise

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