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The Expert

I'm Cynthia Cosgrove, a seasoned marketing expert with over 15 years of rich experience, a dedicated mom, a brain aneurysm survivor, and a former beauty queen, carrying a legacy of entrepreneurship inherited from my family.


My career in digital marketing started when a little network called "The Facebook" open it's doors to more than college students. Since, my career has  spanned various industries, from software to global investment firms, where I've spearheaded digital programs, SEO, and social media campaigns. My roles have demanded innovation and adaptability, qualities that being a mom and a survivor have only strengthened. These experiences, combined with my professional background and bilingual abilities, allow me to navigate the ever-evolving digital landscape with expertise and a unique perspective.

Whether you're at the starting line of your entrepreneurial journey needing to build your brand from the ground up, in the midst of it all looking for a strategic pivot, or an established entrepreneur feeling swamped by the demands of social media, my services cater to female entrepreneurs across the spectrum. I'm here to empower, guide, and amplify your business at every stage.

For the entrepreneur who has the ability to execute, and the know-how, but is looking to revamp their brand and nail down a strategy to refocus their offer. And some fresh new ideas.

Ideal for the Entrepreneur who can't add another task to their business and needs help with executing their social media on a monthly basis.

Ideal for the entrepreneur who is just beginning her business and needs everything to get started. Or It can be optimized for someone who needs to revamp her current brand.

Ideal for the entrepreneur who is looking for “this and that” and looking to build their own package.

Innovative strategies designed to elevate your online presence, all while honoring the intricate dance between professional ambition and personal fulfillment. Within these pages you will discover a rich tapestry of content ranging from actionable social media tactics and cutting-edge trend analyses to uplifting narratives and expert advice on weaving together business success with self-care and family moments. Embark on this journey to transform your entrepreneurial vision into reality, with a harmonious blend of career and personal life.

She Works 2, the dedicated space of Ever Joy Media, where empowerment and practical digital marketing wisdom converge for women entrepreneurs can be downloaded and used today. This blog is a haven of insights, offering you innovative strategies to amplify your online presence while maintaining the delicate balance between your professional drive and personal life. Explore a variety of content, from actionable social media tips and trend analyses to inspirational stories and guidance on harmonizing business operations with self-care and family time. "She Works 2" is more than just a blog; it's a community where you'll find the support and ideas necessary to flourish in your entrepreneurial journey, all while staying true to your unique brand identity and personal values. Join us, and transform the way you approach your business and life.

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